Barlow VIPS

The Barlow VIPS (Very Involved Parents and Supporters) are a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the students in Sam Barlow’s Theatre and Choir Programs. We strive to embody fearless commitment, and radical empathy, while helping the students develop their skills for self-advocacy. We are proud to walk side by side with all students, always remembering that they are our reason.


Wanna Be A VIP?
Congrats! Thats all it takes. A willingness to volunteer and support these amazing kids, even in the smallest way. (Welcome to the club, we're glad to have you)

Meet the Board


VIP BOARD 2022-2023

Missy Thies, Heidi Thies, Stefanie Craft, Wendy Hull, Emily Kohler, Ben Kohler, Angelia Johnson, Gus Johnson (plus Jeff and Amber Schroeder bc we love them)

Heidi Thies & Missy Thies


Missy Thies (President) & Heidi Thies (Vice President)

Missy has been part of the VIPS since almost the beginning,. she has two daughters that have gone thorough the program. Missy's passion is being on campus and having as much face time with the kids as possible. Although Missy no longer has any kids at Barlow she has no plans of going anywhere.  

Heidi is Missy's oldest daughter and an alumni of Barlow. She graduated in 2017 and immediately became involved in the VIPS because she saw first hand how much the students benefited from them. Heidi's passion is heading up hair and makeup for the Theatre as well as running all social media and the amazing VIP website. 

Stefanie Craft & Wendy Hull


Stefanie Craft (Treasurer) & Wendy Hull (Secretary)


Stefanie is our headstrong, determined founder. Her passion has always been fundraising and Treasury, so when she decided to make the shift from President to Treasurer we supported her 100%. Her enthusiasm for getting the students the best is contagious. 

Wendy started getting involved withe the VIPS a few years ago. She is loved buy the students in her role as Costumer for the theatre department. Her eye for detail makes her a great Secretary. Wendy is a prime example of not needing to have a student in the program to remain a valuable and active part of the VIP family.

Gus Johnson & Angelia Johnson

Gus Johnson (Volunteer Coordinator) & Angelia Johnson (Volunteer Coordinator)

Gus and Angelia joined the Board 3 years ago, and love it! Angelia participated in Choir during High School, and Gus found the VIPS to be the perfect way to bond and connect with his kids through their passions. Their orginazional skills and reliability make them the prefect fit as our Volunteer Coordinators. 

Ben Kohler & Emily Kohler 


Ben Kohler (Board) & Emily Kohler (Board) 

Ben and Emily have been strong supporters of the program for many years. beginning when their kids were in middle school. they are incredibly hard workers, and are always the first to pitch in. Ben is lead set builder for the theatre department, and Emily's warm inclusive personality make her a favorite with the kids