Sam Barlow Choir Department


Sam Barlow Choir Department is under the direction and teaching of Mrs. Amber Schroeder, with help from the amazing Mr. Bill Krieger

Within the department last year there were 5 choirs (impressive!!) Bruin Choir, Treble Choir, Advanced Treble Choir, Concert Choir and Barlow Sound. Bruin Choir and Treble Choir are the only two on an enrollment basis, the others are all by audition only. The highest level choirs are Concert Choir and Barlow Sound. Concert Choir being the more traditional "concert" sound, whereas Barlow Sound is a competitive Show Choir that meets at 6:30 am (early, right??). The Barlow Choir Department has been healthy for years, but has really blossomed recently.

Choir Tours 

Every year, Concert Choir goes on whats called a "tour". This means that they travel to a university in a hub-city like Seattle or San Francisco. They are able to experience that city, explore, perform and get adjudicated by a choral director from that city. It is always an amazing opportunity to learn about a popular university, and get some valuable feedback from a choral director. Not to mention, its always such a blast! The last 4 tours have been most recently Canada, Seattle, San Francisco, and Disneyland. Although Covid has put a halt on an out of state tour for this year, we are hopeful that that will return soon!




Victoria, Canada - 2019

This year when the choir traveled to Canada, they were able to sing in the Parliament Building in Victoria. This was such a huge honor, and they were so thankful for the opportunity. In their free time they walked around Downtown Victoria, went on a ghost walk, participated in a tour of The University of Victoria, and visited Craigdarroch Castle. 

Seattle, Washington - 2018

Last year, in 2018 Concert Choir drove to Seattle, Washington. They were able to take a tour of the University of Puget Sound, and perform for their choir director. In their free time they went to Pike's Place as well as the Space Needle. In addition to that they saw the Irving Berlin Show.

San Fransisco, California - 2017

In 2017, the choir drove to San Francisco. They got to spend a day at Six Flags: Discovery Kingdom, and they even got to go on a guided tour of Alcatraz. The ride there on the boat was incredible.  They got to sing in a beautiful cathedral, with even more beautiful acoustics, and of course visited a great college while they were there. 

Anaheim, California - 2015

When the choir traveled to Disneyland in 2015 with the Barlow Band, they actually performed a Disney Medly inside the Disney Park! They also got to experience a full day in Disneyland and California Adventure, as well as visited a college in Anaheim. It was a huge honor to perform in the park, each studentgot a special set of Mickey Mouse Ears that said "Performer". Which we have been told are the most coveted pair of ears, since they cannot be purchased, and can only be given by cast members at Disney, to people who performed inside the park.