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To donate directly to the Barlow VIPS, you can find us on Paypal @BarlowVIPS

Support Sam Barlow Performing Arts while shopping at Fred Meyer at no additional cost to you! (This does not affect your Fred Meyer Rewards Points, Fuel Points or Rebates.)


Heres how:

Visit and search for us by our name or non-profit number 86996. That will link your Rewards Card to the Barlow Vips. Each time you use your rewards card, you help the Barlow VIPS earn a donation!

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Support Sam Barlow Performing Arts by linking your Bottle Drop Account to Barlow VIPS!

Heres how:

If you already use the BottleDrop program to return your bottles and cans, visit and search for Barlow VIPS. That will connect you directly to us, and it will allow you to donate your account balance directly to us!


Support those onstage and behind the scenes get healthcare, emergency financial assistance and counseling. Covid-19 has hit us all really hard. One community that has been hit undeniably hard has been the entertainment industry, and more specifically live performing arts. Thousands of people in this industry have been unexpectedly put out of work for the forseeable future, and its easy to start to feel hopeless. If you are financially able to help. This is a great way to help some people we can all relate to. 


Here’s how:

Donate here

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